ART AS PSI PORTAL TO THE MYSTERIOUS, MYSTICAL, MAGICAL & MIRACULOUS:   This course is designed for a deeper understanding of how Art gives us clues about the Psi human experience. We review critical artworks going back to ancient times & wander across the Art history timeline to now for illumination. How do renegade artists convey the extraordinary, unimaginable. We gain appreciation of an obscure artistic legacy given to us over the millennia, & to develop tools to understand Art's profound impact on understanding Psi phenomena & the importance of the creative muses in exploring consciousness.

​Science, at present, is overwhelmingly driven by  objective methodologies, causing a sort of myopia when looking at "inexplicable/anomalous/paranormal" events. I'm guided by Goethe’s more subjective scientific methods, though pushed aside by the dominant Newtonian objective science, these are equally enduring and valid as we move forward in balancing our subjective and objective views of the world around us. Only through this amalgamation of apparently anomalous events, random, yet, synchronous, with those which are the standard “predictable and the repeatable”, can we begin to fully develop our understanding of the inherent nature of the inter-connectivity of knowledge. This objective/subjective duality must be balanced out in order to reap the vastness of extraordinary human experiences, many, totally unrepeatable and exceedingly extraordinary.


The courses listed below are being developed to encourage students to learn other methods of learning, beyond the conventional education system. It is critical for the scientific community to realize that “...scientists, despite their conclusions, are still very far from creating a full-fledged theory of dimensions because, in the study and description of the higher dimensions, they use the tools of the world of the four dimensions (x, y, z, t) and the five sense perceptions. It is like chasing the horizon, the faster we get closer to it, the faster it moves away from us. In order to break through to higher dimensions, you need, at least, to go beyond the limits of your own perception. To overcome these obstacles, methods are needed that would seem to scientists to be completely "unscientific..." Dimitri Tkhinvaleli 2022

To reach this goal, we must do more than "observe" as is so common in the objective science paradigm, we need to "experience" and put ourselves within the experiment itself. By being a rigorous student of various anomalous modalities, including out-of-body experiences, dowsing, remote viewing, introspective counseling, communication with the deceased, telekinesis, etc., one can truly begin to open up to new realities unattainable in the four dimensions and five sense perceptions. 

As a PhD aerospace research engineer and professor of high technology having taught at UCLA, CSULB, CSUN, LMU, SMC, and Otis Parsons School of Design, I clearly see the limitations of incomplete objective scientific methodology!  Now retired, I can bring to students my studies and research of all things "inexplicable/anomalous/paranormal" , particularly bioenergetics, subtle energies, and the many other things in our "unseen' worlds and with the intent to further our scientific understanding of the seemingly anomalous, random, yet, synchronous events around us and our own psi related abilities.

It is my personal goal to offer these courses not only at the Rhine Education Center for their professional parapsychology certificate programs, but also online to universities world-wide for college credit contributing towards a more diverse and inclusive curricula. Contact me below.

​​These courses have been or are presently being taught online.

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EVALUATING UFO/UAP PHENOMENA:   How does one evaluate sightings of objects in the sky which have not been identified as aircraft or other natural occurrence? Who are the organizations that are responsible for collecting the sightings and experiential reports worldwide? What are the parameters to collect when gathering evidence for sightings? Where are these unknown objects and beings manifesting themselves? Why should we be paying attention to such events? This is a field of study that brings more questions than answers, especially since much information is classified by the government.


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DISCOVERING THE INCREDIBLE WORLD OF ENERGIES: This course is presently being developed and will cover energy types, and the workings of the human body/mind/spirit. Everything from subtle energies, prana,  bioenergetics, Qi cultivation, breathwork, acupuncture, scalar energies, and much much more is explored and as they relate as sorts of energetic "road maps/fields" to our inner workings and consciousness. While the Western medical model reigns supreme in healthcare practices, the ancient Eastern wisdom needs to be folded into our overall understanding of how we function as human beings and how to better understand how we can reach our optimum potentials.


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EXPLORING EXCEPTIONAL & EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES : This course is an overview of exceptional experiences, aka anomalous events such as hallucinations, lucid & precognitive dreams, near death & out of body events, UFO sightings, alien abductions, psychokinesis, remote viewing, mysticism, anomalous healing, etc. We bring forth a dialogue as to whether there are underlying similarities among all the phenomena & how to move forward with new scientific paradigms.

THE POWER OF NATURE: THE SCIENCE, FOLKLORE & PRACTICES IN EVOKING THE DIVINE: Understanding how Nature has inherent abilities to enlighten the human experience. We review paramount movements thru the ages & discover how Nature enables humans to connect to the consciousness of all things alive. How does Nature reveal to us the divine, the miraculous & mystical. What are similarities between cultures that give us profound clues? We explore how ancient beliefs & present day movements have & are using powerful forces of Nature to conjure the extraordinary, & how they share a reverence for nature, considering it to be divine, sacred, or populated by spiritual beings. We examine a multitude of Nature practices with belief in supernatural beings & supernatural forces. This journey clarifies how our connection to Nature governs our own psychic & conscious development & how to nurture our connection to Nature's more ethereal realms.