​The title of this work, 

“All Things Centered” 

​is conceptualized by the two utility boxes representing 
the duality of centeredness and emphasizes the importance of 
our Civic Center as the ultimate place of grounding and focus in our community. 
The boxes illustrate two types of centeredness, radial and longitudinal... 
there are always two or more points of view in any civic activity, 
and the two box set is intended to reflect 
the diversity of Nature and its inherent harmonious power in our lives.

Goddess Saraswati destroying the Demon of Ignorance,

granting us knowledge and divine wisdom.


Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge and the arts,

is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation;

she is the dawn-goddess whose rays dispel the darkness of ignorance.

Her energy is essential for discrimination, academics and performing arts

and blesses us with perfection of all arts and sciences.  

Saraswati actually means "the one who flows". 

Saraswati is a river of knowledge that flows in the highest heaven of Brahma

and descends into our minds through the doors of learning to become established in us

as knowledge and wisdom.

She symbolizes the purifier in our quest for liberation. 
She personifies in humans civilized behavior, refined tastes and artistic talent. 

Saraswati grants wisdom, knowledge, creativity and intuition

for the flowering of our minds and refinement of our character.

The Rigveda Samhita

City of Redondo Beach Utility Box Public Art Program,

"All Things Centered, Box 1 & Box 2" at Redondo Beach CITY HALL

Diamond Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway,

Redondo Beach Civic Center, September 2019

  • ​​City of Redondo Beach Utility Box Public Art Program Acceptance, "All Things Centered, Box 1 & Box 2"

          Diamond Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach Civic Center, September 2019

  • CA 101 2018 - CA, USA, THE WORLD - Art Exhibition and Gift Gallery, Redondo Beach, June 2018

  • Friends of Redondo Beach Arts, President, 2017- 2020

  • Redondo Beach Art Group Scholarship Chair 2017- 2020

  • Public Art Commission for City of Redondo Beach, Chair: 2008-2016

  • Inspired by Music Art Exhibit, ​Studio 1613, Palos Verdes Estates, Malaga Cove Library, May 6-28, 2016

  • ​City of Redondo Beach Public Art Task Force, Appointment by the Mayor, 2006-2008

  • Art in Motion, Curator for Redondo Beach Art Group  and the City of Redondo Beach, May 2007

  • The Power of Art in the Community Art Exhibit, Redondo Beach Art Group, AES power Plant, October 2006

  • The Written Word Art Exhibit, Redondo Beach Art Group, Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes  September 2006

  • Exploring Contemporary Expressions Art Exhibit, Gemma’s Open Studio, Feb 2006

  • Painting the Garden Art Exhibit, Redondo Beach Art Group, Redondo Beach Historic Library, Sept 2005

  • 17th Annual Gallery of Fine Art,  Torrance Artists  Guild, September 30-October 3, 2004

  • Flat out  Art Exhibit, Redondo Beach Art Group,  Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes  September 2004

  • Open Call L.A.Art Exhibit, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates July 14 - August 15, 2004

  • Parent and Child Clay Exhibition, Torrance Library Cultural Art Center,  June - July 2004

  • Ocean View Art Exhibit, Distinctive Edge Gallery, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, April - May 2004 

  • Art at the Edge Art Exhibit, Redondo Beach Art Group, El Camino College Library, March 1- March 26, 2004

  • Doctors without Borders, Annual Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, May 2003